Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas Welcome First Baby Via Surrogate

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Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra Welcome First Child Through Surrogacy Journey

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra announced they welcomed their first baby, a girl, via a surrogate according to People Magazine. Both proud new parents posted this sweet message on their Instagram pages: “We are overjoyed to confirm that we have welcomed a baby via surrogate. We respectfully ask for privacy during this special time as we focus on our family. Thank you so much.” For 25 years we have experienced first-hand how surrogacy fulfills dreams and we are overjoyed for the happy family! Congratulations!

What is Surrogacy?

Many of you may be asking what is surrogacy and how did that help Nick and Priyanka grow their family. Surrogacy is a modern and growing means of bringing new life into the world, where a woman carries a baby for another person or a couple. The intended parents undergo IVF meaning fertilization outside of the body, to transfer their embryo into the surrogate's uterus. A surrogate, or gestational carrier, is a woman who carries a baby for an individual or a couple that has no genetic relationship to her. Our job as a surrogacy agency is to help find and match a surrogate and intended family who have shared values and expectations.

More and more families like Nick and Priyanka are turning to surrogacy as a successful option to help build their family. Many celebrities from Kim Kardashian to Neil Patrick Harris have chosen to partner with a surrogate to make their family dreams come true. And it’s not just celebrities. In 2019, surrogates were part of 5.4% of all in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedures. Why? It is the most successful treatment for infertility, with a 75% success rate. That number can increase as high as 95% for a birth once the gestational carrier is pregnant. Watch fertility expert Dr. Robby Setton of Shady Grove Fertility in New York talk about how surrogacy has been normalized.

Who Needs A Surrogate?

As a surrogate, you can give the gift of family to people who otherwise couldn't have a child of their own. Dr. Jennifer Hirshfeld-Cytron from Fertility Centers of Illinois shared reasons why people may need a surrogate. Reasons to use a surrogate range from individuals who are struggling with infertility or with medical history such as a hysterectomy or cancer, or members of the gay community. Whether you are an intended parent looking to find the right surrogate for you or a woman thinking about becoming a surrogate to help people fulfill their dream of parenthood, the first step is learning more about the process to become a surrogate. We have compiled important facts about surrogacy in our blog Everything You Need To Know About Surrogacy.

The emotional appeal, though, is the real growth story of this modern approach to building families. Anderson Cooper delivered a beautiful tribute to the power of surrogacy that you can find here. Watch this real-life story of how intended mom Anna and ConceiveAbilities surrogate, Samantha, were matched for a life-changing surrogacy journey.

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If you are inspired by Priyanka and Nick’s surrogacy journey and want to learn more about the surrogacy process, join two-time surrogate Ashtin Gurevitz on our Learn How To Become A Surrogate webinar. You could make that kind of miraculous difference for parents like Nick and Priyanka. Surrogacy not only changes an intended family's life, it could changes your life.

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