Rash of Fraudulent Surrogacy Agencies Leads to Concerns Around Choosing a Reputable Agency


With the number of children born via gestational surrogacy tripling in the past two years, the industry is exploding. Given the recent coverage popup: yes and industry perspectives popup: yes on fraudulent surrogacy agencies B Coming and SurroGenesis, couples considering surrogacy, as well as potential surrogates, may be concerned with how best to choose a reliable firm.

During this process, little is more important than finding a partner you can trust.  We’ve recently expanded our family-building offering with the addition of surrogacy industry veteran, Deb Levy, MA LPC.  As the new Coordinator of our surrogacy program, Deb’s addition to the team greatly enhances the surrogacy-related support and services we’re able to provide to our clients.

It was incredibly important to me to find someone able to deliver the same unmatched level of service that has defined the ConceiveAbilities name for more than a decade.  It is critical that our gestational surrogacy program is grounded in quality service and ethical practices that intended parents and surrogate mothers can trust.   I truly believe that the same focus that has helped us become a world-class egg donation agency will take our surrogacy program down the same path.

As both a parent of two children born through surrogacy and a licensed professional with years of clinical and practical experience in the IVF industry, Deb is the perfect choice to head up this growing program.