5 Surrogacy Blogs You Should Follow

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ConceiveAbilities - 5 Surrogacy Blogs You Should Follow
Surrogacy is a broad topic; with each day it seems there’s a new story, a new journey being taken. At ConceiveAbilities, we recognize the power of blogs to provide a unique, first-hand experience, and help educate readers on the surrogacy journey. We cover everything from how to become a surrogate to in-depth interviews with Intended Parents and the gestational carriers.

Below is a brief list of a few blogs we love to read and follow. Most of these are personal blogs of real surrogates, all from ConceiveAbilities. Each one can provide something worth learning from the surrogacy world.

Top 5 Surrogacy Blogs You Should Follow

1. Stories from the Stork

Stories from the Stork is a blog run by a surrogate and mother of two from Tallahassee, Florida. The blog is a collection of entries from a surrogate currently in her second trimester (she nicknamed the surro-baby, “Roo”) at the time of this writing. She was originally inspired by a documentary on surrogacy while on maternity leave, and has since blogged about her surrogacy experiences. These include meeting with the doctor, ultrasounds, blood tests, and more.
Stories from the Stork is a new and ongoing surrogacy blog worth following if you want to see someone go through their first surrogacy journey.

2. ihelpmakefamilies

Some surrogates decide to become a surrogate after giving birth to their first set of children. But not Ashley- she knew she wanted to become a surrogate at the early age of 16. Ten years later, with the help of ConceiveAbilities, Ashley has given birth to Elena, a beautiful baby girl.
Ashley’s blog is a worthwhile read, complete with some poignant photography that captures the intimacy and love that surrogacy creates.

3. I’m just their oven

Surrogate, Erin, began her surrogacy journey in 2015. In her first post, she describes surrogacy as her “calling.” “If I had a bucket list,” Erin writes, “being a surrogate would be at the top of the list.” Despite initially doubting her writing ability, Erin decided to start a blog that covered her experiences. Thankfully, we got to see a glimpse into her life from 2015 to when she delivered in 2016. Erin’s blog is clean and straightforward, a straight scroll down from her delivery date to when she was initially matched by ConceiveAbilities.

4. my pod, their pea

The writer of this blog, Leslie, is a ConceiveAbilities surrogate in the middle of her second journey. Leslie also works as a 911 dispatcher by night, and is currently pursuing a degree in Criminalistics. We’ve spoken to Leslie in the past, asking about her decisions and experience as a surrogate, but her personal blog is a more in-depth glimpse into the life of a woman currently going through the surrogacy journey. Her posts can be both informative and entertaining, like her recent post titled “I'm not giving it away!!" which covers some of the absurd, inappropriate, and ignorant questions that she sometimes gets asked. Make sure to have this one bookmarked as it gets updated frequently and Leslie is nearing her delivery date!

5. The Official ConceiveAbilities Blog

The ConceiveAbilities blog is the only place where you can get in-depth interviews, guides to the surrogacy journey, updates to surrogacy legislation, and ConceiveAbilities updates. It’s your one-stop-shop for all things surrogacy related.

BONUS!: Happie Amie - A Surrogate’s Vlog

While it may not be a blog in the conventional sense, vlogs are a new medium growing in popularity thanks to services like YouTube. Amie is a second-time ConceiveAbilities surrogate, and she’s documenting her journey this time through video. Amie usually gives video updates every few weeks, speaking casually to her viewers and detailing her mood, symptoms, even her cravings. As of May 2017, Amie is 30 weeks pregnant, so make sure to subscribe and be on the lookout for her next video.

The first-person perspective of these blogs share the intimate detail of the process, something that only surrogate mothers have experienced and can do. They are inspirational sources that give great insight to real surrogacy journeys.

More Information

These blogs are just a handful of suggestions from the hundreds available. Each blog has a different voice, a unique perspective on the journey and it’s worth your time to check out each one to get a better, closer understanding of how the surrogacy world works.

Any suggestions for other blogs we should be keeping up with? Be sure to reach out to us and let us know.

Check the ConceiveAbilities Blog regularly for more news and updates.