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Surrogate Kristi Graves shares her experience of being a Colorado surrogate


Hi! I'm Kristi, and I'm an Early Childhood Education teacher currently living in Denver with my daughter, McKenzie, and working as a full-time nanny. My favorite hobbies include crafting, cooking, and gardening. On the weekends, my daughter and I love to get out of the house and check out local activities around town, like farmers markets, hiking, and visiting the bookstore.


I have always loved kids! My background is in early childhood development and I worked in the classroom with infants and toddlers and was always around children, babysitting and nannying, from a young age. I worked with parents as well, and sometimes they were older parents. I often heard stories about fertility issues, which inspired me to become a surrogate. My heart really wanted me to do this for a family in need, and I decided to answer the call!


As a single mom, I was finally able to fulfill my lifelong dream of becoming a surrogate. My daughter is 11 years old and was amazing through the whole process. She loved telling people “this baby is not coming home with us” and was happy to maintain her status as an only child. Being a surrogate truly allowed me to enjoy every aspect of the pregnancy.

Kristi Graves fulfilled her lifelong dream to be a surrogate


My purpose has always been to help others who have a strong desire to become parents. I felt like I have been "called" to be a surrogate. At the end of my journey, the moment the baby was delivered, tears of pure joy ran down my face! The joy of seeing her parents getting to hold their baby for the first time. That moment was exactly why I wanted to be a surrogate!

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