Surrogate Spotlight: Meet ConceiveAbilities Surrogate Michelle Brown

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ConceiveAbilities Surrogate Michelle Brown on why she became a surrogate


I'm Michelle! My husband Bill and I have 2 boys, Myles who is 7 and Max who is 4. We recently relocated from Florida to Northeast Georgia for my husband's job and for a fresh start.


I came across an article in People magazine about a surrogacy agency which got me really interested in surrogacy, so I started researching more about other surrogates. I read a lot of stories from the perspective of the intended parent, and realized how difficult it must be to want to have a baby so badly when your body just won't cooperate. This really got me thinking - I had two very easy pregnancies and thought I could easily do it again for someone else! My husband and I talked and agreed that it would be an amazing thing to do for a family. That's when I came across ConceiveAbilities and reached out to find out more about the surrogacy process. I was eventually matched with a wonderful family from New Jersey and we connected almost right away.


When we moved to Georgia, I became a stay at home mom. My older son was in kindergarten and my younger son was going to be starting school the following year. Knowing that they would be more independent and out of the diaper, bottle, toddler stages helped make the decision easy. I thought, "what better time to start this journey?" Becoming a surrogate has helped give me a sense of purpose and a feeling of being grateful for what I have in my own life.


The most rewarding part of this experience has been getting to know the intended mother. She is such a sweet person and she sends me cards and little gifts all the time to let me know how grateful she is to have me. It makes me feel so good inside that I can help her!

Inspired by Michelle? Calling All Surrogates

Are you a woman who enjoyed a healthy and successful pregnancy? Do you have friends or family who have suffered from infertility or need assistance from someone else to build their family? Have you ever considered the role you could play in helping someone else build their family - as a surrogate? Learn more about the process of helping someone else's dream of building a family come true. We would love to talk with you.

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