Taking Back a Precious Commodity, Time

ConceiveAbilities - Taking Back a Precious Commodity, Time

Improving the Surrogacy Timeline

It’s not just millennials who require instant gratification. Men and women spanning generations are getting busier and busier, often at the expense of well-being. As a result, time has become one of modern day’s most precious commodities.

Everywhere you look, on-demand companies have emerged in numerous sectors and are thriving based on their need-for-speed model. You can now order your groceries to be delivered and your laundry to be picked up, washed, dried and handed back to you in the same day. You can schedule separate companies to clean your house, fix a leak and walk your dog, all to be done before you return home from work at night. You can even see a doctor or a therapist without taking the time to get to and from a physical office.

Our phones have become a personal assistant of sorts, allowing us to look for, engage with and schedule various service providers at the touch of a few buttons. All of this in an effort to buy additional minutes and hours in our days. We all need to run errands, pick up groceries, go to doctors’ appointments and other mundane and time consuming, yet necessary tasks. But fitting it all in while still prioritizing other, more important things, has taken a toll on our society.

Most of us have embraced this new economy with the same goal in mind, increasing the time spent focused on activities that enhance our relationships, promote our health and well-being, and provide the most personal value.

In today’s work focused society, finding a chunk of time to spend on personal welfare is few and far between. However, a recent study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that spending money on time-saving services is linked to greater life satisfaction. With new and inventive apps and companies creating efficiencies through speed, buying more personal time is becoming commonplace.

The Agency for Surrogacy Solutions

As assisted reproduction becomes less taboo and more normalized, more people are choosing surrogacy as a means to build their families. However, at ConceiveAbilities, our clients have unique stories centered around family building challenges, many of them having lost years of their time attempting to achieve the elusive goal of having a baby. Most, if not all, would welcome an opportunity to buy back some of that time if given the chance.

Human gestation takes time. It’s a nine-month process that no amount of money can shorten. Add to that the incredible complexity of surrogacy, and suddenly that time frame can sometimes be doubled, if not tripled, through costly false starts and a lack of understanding.

We know that parents-to-be want to make up for lost time and finally achieve their goal of parenthood. Which is why we built processes that are laser focused on efficiency, to ensure our surrogacy timeline is as streamlined as possible in order to cut down on time that our intended parents don't have.

Our Screening Process: Efficient and Thorough

We believe that every family is unique, and we know how important finding the right surrogate is to a successful journey. Our standout surrogate applicants believe that surrogacy--and helping people build their family--is their calling.

Our standards are high, and our surrogates and egg donors reflect those standards. Only one percent of potential surrogates are accepted into our program. Our rigorous pre-screening process includes:

  • OB recommendation
  • OB clearance letter
  • Background checks for both the surrogate and her husband or partner
  • A financial check
  • Home visit
  • OB health check
  • Full review of previous labor and delivery history
  • Psychological screening and standardized testing of surrogate
  • Insurance and benefits review
  • Administrative processing

The Benefits of using a Surrogacy Agency

Choosing the right agency can save you time, but can also save you money and reduce added stress, giving you peace of mind.

The ConceiveAbilities team includes healthcare, mental health, business and legal professionals with over two decades of experience in fertility management. Surrogacy is complex, which is why we know how important it is to approach the process from multiple viewpoints:

Matching services and management: With our matching process, we have fertility specialists and mental health professionals on staff that screen surrogates against both medical and mental health criteria. We get to know our surrogates, increasing the chances of an ideal match. Once matched, we offer guidance throughout the pregnancy to all parties involved. This can be in the form of support groups for surrogates, or financial navigation for intended parents.

Legal assistance: Our in-house legal team works with both intended parents and surrogates to facilitate a legally protected agreement to make the process as painless and as convenient as possible.

Superb pre-screened candidates, secure matches, and the shortest wait times available are the hallmarks of our program. Let us help get you to parenthood, on time.