Show Your Teacher Appreciation! Earn $5 for Every Teacher You Help

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Share Your Support for Early Childhood Teachers, and Earn Rewards!

Give the Gift of Support to Show Your Teacher Appreciation and Earn Rewards

ConceiveAbilities believes in building strong family foundations. Teachers help many families give their children strong foundations for tomorrow. Over 90% of teachers spend their own money to cover the cost of classroom supplies, spending, on average, over $700 of their own money. We want to help these dedicated teachers, particularly early childhood teachers who play such an important role in the early foundation of learning. Share this link with your favorite early childhood teacher (pre-K through 2nd grade) to empower them to request much needed materials for their students through DonorsChoose. Every time you share this link with a teacher you want to support, you get a $5 reward and so does the teacher you are supporting. And, if that teacher decides to set up a DonorsChoose classroom project, or identifies an existing project on DonorsChoose, ConceiveAbilities will donate up to $250 toward their selected project!

What to Give Your Teacher This Holiday Season

The best teacher gift you can give is supporting your favorite teacher's classroom project. With your help, you can provide awareness and money to the classroom's needs and help shoulder some of the financial burden, so you teacher can focus on what they do best: teaching.

Show Your Teacher Appreciation! Earn $5 for Every Teacher You Help

You can support teachers

  1. Enter your email address to learn more about how DonorsChoose is supporting teachers during this important time.

  2. For every early childhood educator that enters their email, you get a $5 reward and we give your favorite teacher a $5 reward.

  3. If that teacher decides to set up a project with DonorsChoose, ConceiveAbilities will donate up to $250 toward their selected project! All they have to do is email supportteachers@‌ and attach a link to their DonorsChoose, PreK-2, project. Following our review, ConceiveAbilities will donate up to $250 in support of you as an Early Childhood teacher, and your classroom!

  • Teachers are eligible to earn $250 gift card once per campaign. Campaign ends December 31, 2023

Why We Are Supporting Teachers: Your Support Makes A Huge Difference

Teachers face many challenges. The United States is facing a teacher shortage. Research from the Learning Policy Institute (LPI) found that 1 in 10 teacher positions are either vacant or filled by someone uncertified for the subject they are teaching. Experts cite many reasons for the continued teacher shortage including:

  • Increase Cost for College Degrees
  • Low Salary
  • Increased Workload
  • Stressful Working Conditions leading to Burn-Out
  • Curriculum Issues
  • Lack of Support in the Classroom

According to the Economic Policy Institute, the teacher shortage is very real and increasingly dire. When factors like teacher certification, pertinent training, and experience are considered, the scarcity of educators becomes even more pressing than current assessments suggest. Regrettably, schools with high poverty levels bear the brunt of the shortage in qualified teachers. A shortage of teachers puts students and teachers at risk.

Why DonorsChoose

DonorsChoose is a platform founded by a teacher that empowers teachers to ask for what they really need. Learn more about DonorsChoose. With your support, you can help public school teachers from across the country to request much-needed materials or their students.

Learn More About Surrogacy and Teachers

Research shows that there are over a million women who would consider becoming a surrogate if they knew more about the surrogacy process. Learn more about why teachers make wonderful surrogates and our innovative All-In Surrogate Care and Compensation Package.

Calling Giving Women

And, are you a woman who enjoyed a healthy and successful pregnancy? Do you have friends or family who have suffered from infertility or need assistance from someone else to build their family? Have you ever considered the role you could play in helping someone else build their family - as a surrogate? Learn more about the process of helping someone else's dream of building a family come true. We would love to talk with you.

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