The SurroSisterhood: A Look Into the Culture of Support

ConceiveAbilities - Surrogacy Sisterhood
Choosing to become a surrogate isn’t a quick decision; it’s one that will continue to impact your life even after delivery. This is because of three things: 1) the amazing experience of giving hope to another family, 2) the feeling of having delivered a baby to loving parents, and 3) the incredible support from your fellow surrogates.

What is the SurroSisterhood?

“It means caring about people I probably would never have met and knowing that they care for me and hope for the best for me and my journey. It's a mutual understanding and hoping for the best possible outcomes during these journeys. It's also knowing that no matter what we go through with surrogacy, we always have someone who understands why we do this.” - Brandy, Former ConceiveAbilities Surrogate

When you join ConceiveAbilities, you join the surrogate sisterhood- a group of elite women who have also gone through the surrogacy journey. Because of your shared experiences, the SurroSisterhood is in a unique position to provide the help and perspective you may need during and after your journey.

What are the benefits of joining the SurroSisterhood?

The sisterhood is a vibrant community willing to offer support, resources, and friendship. Here’s a look into the various ways the community has helped other surrogates in the past.

Ohio Surrogacy Sisterhood Dinner

Sharing Common Experiences

“[A sisterhood means] having a group of people going through the same thing at different (sometimes the same) times that can answer questions, calm fears, listen to vents and still love, support and understand us better than anyone else! It's like having a boat load of cheerleaders we've never met face-to-face.” - Jolynda, Former ConceiveAbilities Surrogate

Becoming a surrogate is such a unique experience that it can be difficult to discuss your feelings or stories with someone who has not gone through the same process, including your partner or family. This why the SurroSisterhood is so important. Within this tight-knit group, you are free to express yourself with women who will share the same experiences as you and who can relate to you on a deeper level.

Emotional Support and Encouragement

“For me it has been a huge group of amazing women that help me through the roughest times and are there cheering me on as the milestones happen. I have been so blessed to know these ladies.” - Michelle, Former ConceiveAbilities Surrogate

The surrogacy journey can be a rollercoaster. Some days are filled with excitement for the delivery day, while other days can be difficult and don’t go as planned. Not all transfers are successful the first time, and not all journeys end with a baby. However, the one constant is the support of the sisterhood. Whether you’re relishing in moments of pure joy, or fallen on hard times, your surro-sisters will be around to listen and love you.

Frequent Activity and a Large, Diverse Group

“We are spread wide all over, from all different ages, backgrounds, ethnicities, but all have the same HUGE heart.” - Jolynda, Former ConceiveAbilities Surrogate

The SurroSisterhood is filled with hundreds of surrogates willing to lend an ear. The only requirement to be in the sisterhood is to have previously undergone a surrogacy journey. It does not matter whether your journey was successful, how far away you live, or even which agency you chose. The sisterhood is bigger than any one organization, and is united by shared experiences, and the common desire to do something amazing.

ConceiveAbilities has its own private Facebook group with over 200 active members posting on a daily and weekly basis. The page is filled with congratulations and best wishes posts, requests for recommendations, venting, funny and sad stories, updates, and photos of surro-babies. Only surrogates are allowed, as only surrogates will relate to the content in the page.

Community Events and Activities

The SurroSisterhood community can be found online and in real life. Surrogates have come together for a variety of events, including yearly picnics, holiday parties, dinners, fundraisers, and support groups. Organizing events and physical meeting spaces can carry over the same environment of acceptance and support from the online communities.

Join the Community

The SurroSisterhood is one of the most supportive communities ever, and the ultimate resource for anything related to a surrogacy journey. These are just a few of the ways that the community has benefitted other surrogates in the past. But the true value is not something that can be written about, only felt.

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