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Whether you’re experiencing pregnancy conventionally or with the help of a surrogate, it’s not uncommon for fathers-to-be to feel a little out of the loop. In reality, Dad plays an important role in the process. Regardless of whether you are a single father or supporting your partner over the nine months, these pregnancy and parenting apps with tips for new dads, gay dads, and all dads that you’ve got this.

Apps to help with the pregnancy

Daddy Up is a one-stop shop for all things dad-to-be. It features weekly pregnancy progress, “rugged” baby-size comparisons, a customizable daddy checklist and journal log, plus tools to help you stay on top of contractions and baby announcements. Mom will be so impressed!

Who’s Your Daddy uses humor as a means to help dads-to-be understand and relate to some of the common ailments of pregnancy such as middle of the night cravings. This Australian app offers weekly tips as well as updates on the baby’s development.

ProDaddy breaks down some of the biggest pregnancy and baby-related topics into entertaining 3-minute reads. With weekly tips and Daddy Deep Dives, plus vetted resources on everything from insurance, postpartum health to childcare, it’s a helpful guide for first-time dads and seasoned pros alike.

BabyCenter is another popular app whether you’re trying to conceive, pregnant, or adjusting to parenthood. It provides detailed weekly updates as well as parenting advice through the baby’s first year. There’s a contraction counter, plus a related app all about baby names that keeps Dad a regular contributor to the list.

The Big Daddy was created by an actual dad who is an actual doctor. It helps dads-to-be keep track of baby’s development throughout the pregnancy with “the manliest size comparisons you’ve ever seen” – think tools and tomahawk steaks. It includes a built-in contraction timer, comprehensive checklists, and over 40 doctor-approved articles on all things pregnancy. The app is free, but offers a few additional features for a nominal fee.

Full Term Contraction Timer was created by a new dad after his wife’s labor; he knows what you need, and what you don’t need, during that high anxiety time. It requires the tap of just one button at the start and end of the contraction, with great contrast and a clean layout. You don’t need this kind of app to be fancy, you just need it to work!

Apps for when the little one arrives

Quick Tips for New Dads is the ultimate survival guide for new dads, made by dads. It offers quick, practical advice and includes 250+ stress-busting tips, 11 essential how-to guides on things like bathing your baby, changing a diaper and sterilizing a bottle, 5 must-have checklists, and of course - The Weird Stuff Nobody Tells You About.

Baby Manager is a must-have once the baby arrives. Baby tracker apps help record and chart feeding, whether bottle or breast, as well as sleep, diaper changes and more. It’s a great way to stay on top of these all-consuming activities with a newborn when sleep (and mental sharpness) is at an all-time low.

Wonder Weeks is based on the best-selling book and more than three decades of international scientific research. It helps “keep you informed about the (mental) leaps and bounds of your baby,” which can explain why he or she is all sunshine and rainbows one day but completely inconsolable the next. It’s hard work growing into that new brain!

Kinedu helps your baby learn and grow through play – something Dad is sure to have a huge role in. It offers thousands of fun development exercises personalized to your baby’s age and needs, and even factors in things like prematurity to meet your baby where they are and help them flourish.

Educational apps

Whether they’re utilized before or after baby arrives, apps are a fantastic way to learn on the go. First-time parents, in particular, can benefit from the wealth of information available right at their fingertips, day or night. While it’s no substitute for a medical professional, a baby development app might help you decipher whether your baby’s fever is the result of a cold or teething – and a bonus, it will remind you at what point you should involve the pediatrician. What’s more, educational apps can actually help you connect – whether it’s to your pregnant wife or your baby. Having those tools in your back pocket can go a long way in boosting confidence as a new dad.

The effects of technology and parenting

Technology and parenting truly go hand-in-hand, now more than ever. Utilizing digital tools helps both moms and dads stay more informed and engaged than ever before. Apps take some of the guesswork out of a situation that doesn’t come with an instruction manual; they offer digestible pieces of information during a period you simply don’t have time to sit down with a book. Aside from the educational component, technology also makes many aspects of parenting a lot more convenient. And, if the baby is refusing to sleep, download a white noise app to help you both rest easy. Parenting is no simple feat, but you’ll feel a lot more confident when you make technology work for you.

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