What You Should Know About Surrogacy Medication

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Any woman interested in becoming a surrogate understands that a major part of the process is the pregnancy – but what about the surrogacy medication required to become pregnant? Are medications safe during pregnancy?

We’ll break it down to help you prepare.

Do all surrogates take medication?

While all surrogates do take medication during the process, the individual protocol may vary. These are some of the common items found on an IVF medication list, including possible surrogacy side effects.

Common IVF Medication


Use: A pre-cycle antibiotic that prevents any possible low-grade pelvic infection
Side effects: Varies per individual

Lupron (Leuprolide Acetate)

Use: Prevents the usual hormonal exchange that causes follicle production and ovulation by suppressing the pituitary stimulation to the ovaries
Side effects: Headaches, fatigue, hot flashes


Use: Progesterone is the hormone necessary for the preparation of the uterine lining for implantation of an embryo and the maintenance of early pregnancy
Side effects: Breast tenderness, injection site tenderness, vaginal discharge, dizziness


Use: A broad-spectrum antibiotic taken a few days before transfer to help prevent infection
Side effects: Minor gastrointestinal upset, sensitivity to the sun

Medrol (Methylprednisolone)

Use: A low-dose steroid oil to suppress the autoimmune system from interfering with embryo implantation
Side effects: Varies per individual

For a more comprehensive list of surrogacy medication, visit our web page on surrogacy medication.

Will every surrogate experience side effects of IVF medication?

No. Everybody responds to the medication differently, and some women may not experience any side effects of surrogacy at all. It’s important to carefully follow your IVF medication plan and instructions from your nurse. This can minimize any side effects and help ensure a smooth surrogacy recovery.

You can learn more about surrogacy medication and all of the requirements to be a surrogate at ConceiveAbilities.