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Ethics & Standards

We provide the most expert, extensive and reassuring family building process possible.

While surrogacy, egg donation and assisted reproduction are on the rise globally, the industry is still largely an unregulated in the U.S. While laws shift from state to state and the landscape of healthcare constantly changes, many intended parents are left to navigate on their own. Worse, they can fall prey to substandard service, often from well-intentioned providers who lack the resources to fully protect their clients.

Our values have earned the respect of the nation’s leading fertility experts.

In fact, some of the most distinguished practices in the U.S. refer patients to a select few agencies, including ours. Others in that group rely exclusively on ConceiveAbilities for our strong community and for being modern family advocates. Remaining steadfast to our highest standards and values is why we continue to grow with our families around the world.

Partner Clinics

ConceiveAbilities is setting the bar for ethics & standards in the industry.

Here are some things to consider when choosing an agency:

  • LONGEVITY: An exceptional agency has years of experience, a stellar reputation and well-developed relationships with the numerous professional partners necessary.

  • PROFESSIONAL, COMPASSIONATE STAFF: An exceptional agency employs a staff of licensed professionals, acting in a variety of roles, to best serve individual clients’ needs.

  • ESTABLISHED BUSINESS STRUCTURE: An exceptional agency has financial security, a business location where all parties can meet, and structures in place, such as errors and omissions insurance AND service agreements that protect the foundation of the business. An independent, licensed escrow company, where the agency has no financial or other ties, is imperative.

  • COMPREHENSIVE SERVICES: An exceptional agency does not merely recruit and match egg donors and surrogates with intended parents. An exceptional agency has the resources to offer a multitude of services, including education, comprehensive case management and psychological support to ensure the emotional, physical and financial well being of all parties.

  • SCREENING: An exceptional agency will perform various screening processes for egg donors and surrogates BEFORE a match is made. Waiting to begin screening until a match is made is inherently risky and can cost intended parents time, money and emotional distress.

  • INDIVIDUALIZED STRATEGY: Egg Donation and Surrogacy are complicated yet rewarding paths to parenthood. An exceptional agency will employ an individualized strategy designed to meet the unique needs of each client.

We invite you to contact our team to see how ConceiveAbilities sets the bar for modern family building.

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