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Our Family Creation Team

"ConceiveAbilities was the only part of our journey that was virtually stress-less. The professionalism was refreshing." -Katie & Barry

Meet your team of family creation experts.

The educated and qualified experts of the ConceiveAbilities team remain true to the agency’s guiding principles. Many of our staff experts have gained a deeper appreciation for our clients’ challenges through their own family creation obstacles. These personal and professional insights help us gain an intimate understanding of our clients’ needs and allow us to deliver unparalleled service.

Nazca Fontes


Linda Hedenberg, MBA


Meg Ledebuhr

J.D., Director of Legal Services

Kristin Welch

RN, BSN, Surrogate Acceptance Manager

Orin Wojciechowski

Director of Marketing

Deborah Levy

MA, LPC, Surrogacy Expert

Alicia Denefe

MBA, M.S., LCPC, Surrogacy Match Expert

Stephanie Foley

Client Development

Kristin Catral

Egg Donor Client Development

Kelli Lara

Match Manager

Giovanna Pinzon

Accounting Manager

Leah McFail

M.S., Match Manager

Sara Shapiro

MSW, Match Manager

Kimberly Smith

RN, BSN, Match Manager

Jennifer Wolf

LCSW, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Paula Wirth

Match Manager Team Lead

Tisha Bean-Wilcox

LPC, CACII, Licensed Professional Counselor

Kristina Fabis

RNC-OB, BSN, Surrogate ​Acceptance​ Coordinator

Hillary Martens

Donor Acceptance Coordinator

Julie Parkin

M.S., LMFT, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Heather Pearson

Acceptance Administrative Assistant

Jesse Fiest

Project Strategist

Suzanne Willmann

Surrogate Acceptance Coordinator

Lori Jurecko

MA, LSW, Match Manager

Susan Bernard

Match Administration/Bookkeeping

Kindall Tucker

Administrative Assistant
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