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Egg Donor Compensation

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When considering an egg donor agency, we understand egg donor compensation can be a factor to consider. The fee paid to you as an egg donor is for the time, effort and inconvenience you will incur during the cycle. Our greatest hope is that in doing something life altering for another person – the intended parent – the compensation will open a door of possibilities for you. Many of our egg donors report using their compensation to continue educational goals, travel abroad, contribute to their favorite charitable organization, assist with the purchase of a first home or pursue entrepreneurial endeavors. These are examples of the win-win situations created when the generosity of an egg donor meets with the desires of an intended parent.

How much do egg donors get paid?

Egg donor compensation generally begins at $8,000 and up based on location. There are a number of considerations which impact the level of compensation you receive including location, number of previous donations, personalized matching criteria for desired traits by intended parents and ethnic diversity. During the consultation, the level of compensation will be discussed in greater detail. However, we strongly advise any potential egg donor not to apply if compensation is the sole motivation.

Egg Donor Compensation:
$8,000 and Up Based on Location
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