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Surrogacy Fees & Costs

How much does surrogacy cost?

At ConceiveAbilities, you won't pay extra for fixed fees, guarantees or VIP service. Every Intended Parent (IP) we work with receives the highest quality individual care, the highest caliber pre-screened surrogate available, and the quickest match time anywhere. But most importantly, we have the best take-home baby success rate in the industry. At ConceiveAbilities...every IP is a VIP.

Our average cost for surrogacy ranges between $129,000 and $138,500. All-inclusive with one-time fees for unlimited matching, management and the guarantee you deserve. We can do this because our surrogacy skill and best-in-class service ultimately translates into financial security, for you.

Costs within this range include the surrogate mother fee, surrogate screening and management fees, as well as pricing for legal parentage, surrogate travel, monitoring, insurance and maternity care, and other miscellaneous surrogacy expenses. The cost of embryo creation via IVF and associated treatments are not included in these surrogacy costs.

We recognize this is a significant investment in your family and highly recommend that you compare market options. Our surrogate pricing includes no hidden line items or risky matches. We are committed to providing you with access to an unparalleled level of surrogate and service, and are pleased to offer a successful and secure platform for this endeavor. A detailed cost outline of using a surrogate mother through our surrogacy program will be provided during your individual consultation. To understand surrogacy costs and fees further, Contact Us for more information.

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