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Surrogacy: Step-by-Step

A complex process, made easier.

Intended parents seeking a surrogacy clinic or agency find that ConceiveAbilities provides access to the highest caliber of surrogates, as well as the stability, professionalism, and experience necessary to guide them through an often complex process. First and foremost, the role of a surrogate clinic or surrogacy agency is to get to know you and your needs. The more we know about you and your expectations, the better equipped we are to find the right gestational surrogate for you. We will then provide you with a gestational carrier candidate’s profile to review based on our Matching MattersTM philosophy.


Surrogacy Process FAQs

Is surrogacy legal everywhere?

For surrogacy in the United States, typically the state in which the surrogate gives birth is the state law (if any) that will apply in determining parentage. Surrogacy is not legal everywhere and therefore it requires an experienced team to help guide you in choosing the location and state of residence of your surrogate. Convenience is important, but let the experts guide you in choosing a surrogate from a locale that is both safe and meets your individualized needs. There are numerous variances in how states will recognize Intended Parents’ legal rights, which range from simple pre-birth orders all the way to second-party adoptions. During Matching MattersTM we tailor the right strategy for your specific needs.

What are some of the hallmarks I should look for in a surrogacy agency?

Surrogacy is complicated. Intended parents want to work with an agency that is experienced in all aspects of gestational surrogacy and should look to ensure the three most critical components of a surrogacy engagement are an integral part of the program. Licensed clinical, psychological and legal professionals should be on staff, exclusive to the program at all times, and play an active role in each surrogacy engagement to provide continuity of care. This level of full-service, comprehensive support is the best assurance you will be getting the attention and accountability necessary in an unregulated field where services or expertise are often one-dimensional. A full service, comprehensive agency like ConceiveAbilities can help meet the needs of every part of the surrogate journey, from prescreening surrogate mothers to closing the escrow account, and everything in between.

Why should I use a surrogate from an agency?

Most surrogate mother applicants will first apply to the nation's largest surrogate agencies. The level of screening and ‘filtering-out’ ultimately result in many rejected candidates finding their way onto independent ‘matching’ forums where they have learned to withhold information that caused their rejection from other programs. For Intended Parents, there are typically several agencies to choose from that are the right fit professionally and more personally when it comes to identifying a great surrogate. ConceiveAbilities cannot and does not recommend surrogates from any source other than a reputable agency. There is very little reason for a discerning, responsible and healthy gestational surrogate to work independently without the benefit and support granted by a full-service agency.

Does insurance cover surrogacy costs related to maternity coverage for my surrogate?

Individual or group insurance plans rarely cover a surrogate pregnancy, and most plans are either silent or have vague language regarding surrogacy. When discussing the benefit language, we must discuss level of risk tolerance. The only plan with zero risk is the Lloyd’s of London private surrogate policy.

There are many specifics associated with each individual or group plan. Therefore, we enlist specialists in the insurance field to review each policy as part of the prescreening and give us (and you, the intended parents) a detailed report. This report discusses specific language that could be an issue in the surrogate’s insurance policy to help you decide if you want to take that level of risk, or if you would rather utilize other options.

Learn more about the surrogate mother costs.

How long does the surrogacy process take?

The surrogacy process can take an average of 13-18 months, but please note there are many variables that decide this timeline. You can expedite the experience by working with a reputable fertility clinic and surrogacy agency, and trusting the experts in both your matching and legal processes.

What is the difference between gestational surrogacy, gestational carrier, and traditional surrogacy?

A Gestational Surrogate (GS) or Gestational Carrier (GC) refers to a woman who carries a pregnancy for someone else. A Gestational Surrogate or Carrier is in no way biologically or genetically related to the child she is carrying. The embryo can be created using the intended parents' sperm and egg, or donor sperm and/or donor egg. A Traditional Surrogate is genetically related to the child she is carrying (she supplies the egg and carries the pregnancy, which is a very high risk engagement). ConceiveAbilities is a gestational surrogacy agency, as this offers the most secure process for our clients.

Do you work with any intended parents and is there a screening process?

As an agency committed to the highest standards and most ethical practices in the industry, our foundation is rooted in one simple belief: everyone deserves a family. For almost two decades, we have helped thousands from all over the world achieve their family dreams. We are modern family advocates, dedicated to customizing a unique strategy for every client.

ConceiveAbilities provides the most expert, extensive and reassuring family-building process possible for everyone that is fully committed to the endeavor. We do require our clients to engage in a consult with a psychologist to discuss the emotional dynamic of third party-reproduction, and surrogacy clients must also undergo a background check.

Why choose ConceiveAbilities over other surrogacy agencies?

Since 1996, ConceiveAbilities has successfully guided thousands of families through the surrogacy process. Our proven approach is the result of our expertise and proprietary methodology. Matching is our passion, and the crux of every successful engagement. ConceiveAbilities’ rigorous screening process for surrogate candidates has earned the respect of many of the nation’s leading fertility experts, and our individualized strategy for each client drives our 90% success rate.

There are many well-intentioned yet inexperienced surrogacy agencies that claim to have the network necessary to manage surrogacy engagements. Their inexperience and lack of resources can cost parents time, anxiety and financial resources, particularly when the professionals needed for the engagement are out-sourced. ConceiveAbilities has the balance of professionalism and emotional connection necessary to manage the complex process of surrogacy, and our proprietary Matching MattersTM program saves our clients time and money.

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