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Meet the Men Behind Surrogacy

Extra love, encouragement and TLC are essential to a surrogate mother's journey.

While our surrogates are bright, strong women, most would agree that they couldn't get through the process without support from their partners and families. Meet the men behind surrogacy, who provide the extra love, encouragement and TLC so essential to a surrogate mother's journey.

More than 2,000 babies are born via U.S. surrogates every year. These surrogates are heroes to thousands of intended parents, and in each surrogacy engagement there is often an untold story: the men’s perspective.

Each journey is different and each viewpoint unique: a man who has struggled through infertility with his wife; the same-gender couple celebrating social progression and laws shifting in their favor for legal marriage and birth certificates; the husband of a surrogate who is making the dream possible.

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“I was excited about it. I very much wanted to share every little thing that was going on with Paula. I really became a go-to person.”
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“The first time we talked to our kids about surrogacy and the experience we were going to have we introduced it through a book called The Kangaroo Pouch... it was really easy and just made sense to them.”
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“Husbands do need support.”
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