Surrogacy in Louisiana

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on surrogacy laws in Louisiana. If you're considering surrogacy in Louisiana, it's crucial to understand the legal landscape surrounding this life-changing process. For a surrogacy journey, the applicable law is typically based on where the surrogate lives and delivers the child.

Gestational Surrogacy Is Illegal in Louisiana

Compensated gestational surrogacy is not permitted in Louisiana and, as such, ConceiveAbilities does not accept gestational carrier applicants from Louisiana. If not compensated (an altruistic surrogacy arrangement), surrogacy is only permitted for married, heterosexual couples who are both genetically related to the child and have a medical necessity for the surrogacy. All parties must have also been residents of Louisiana for 6 months. If an excluded party partakes in a surrogacy agreement, they are subject to civil and criminal penalties.

For personalized legal advice and assistance, consult with a reputable reproductive law attorney in Louisiana.

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