About Nazca Fontes


In 1992, armed with a biology degree, Nazca entered the laboratory world of infertility. Daily experience with egg donors provided her with valuable insights into the critical need for a higher standard of egg donor recruitment. Her multi-faceted expertise, combined with her own less-than-ideal firsthand experience as an egg donor, became the unique platform upon which Nazca developed and nurtured ConceiveAbilities.

Having earned an international reputation over the past 18 years as a leader in egg donation, one of Nazca’s most passionate goals has been to use her own experience as an example to other young professional women that egg donation is a worthwhile endeavor that can be rewarding for both donor and intended parent. The resulting influx of such women has made ConceiveAbilities’ donor pool unrivaled.

ConceiveAbilities' gestational surrogacy service is headed by industry veteran, Deb Levy, MA, LPC, formerly of the Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine. The goal of the program is to provide the same best-in-class resources, support and information to maximize the overall chances for success.  As a parent of two children through surrogacy, Deb also brings a unique level of personal experience to both intended parents and surrogates.