All-In Pricing for All In Parents to Be

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No matter where you are in the family building process, the question of financing your surrogacy journey has likely crossed your mind. Thankfully we have a solution to offer you peace of mind as you consider the financial obligations.

ConceiveAbilities is pleased to introduce our signature “All-In” Pricing Program. We are proud to be an agency with the size, tenure and track record to offer you a unique, comprehensive pricing model that no other agency can. This includes a 100% guarantee that we will find you a gestational carrier (GC) to meet all your needs. We pride ourselves on our safe, supportive, timely and most importantly, successful process that we have curated over decades. That’s why we’re thrilled to extend the confidence and security for which we are known to our All-In Pricing Program.

What is All-In Pricing?

We are so confident in our success in helping build families that we are willing and able to assume the risk of a pricing program that will provide a fixed “all-in” payment for the costs and fees for your journey, start to finish.

Benefits of All-In Pricing include:

  •   One fixed fee
  • A guarantee your surrogate meets the high standards of your physician
  • Legal representation to establish parentage once your baby is born
  • Unlimited gestational carrier matches
  • Comprehensive insurance coverage, including life and disability

What is the All-In Pricing Program Guarantee?

The All-In Pricing Program Guarantee is our promise to you of presenting a healthy surrogate ready to help you build your family and, as and if needed, an unlimited number of surrogate rematches until the birth of your baby. This includes all surrogate recruitment and matching services, legal and travel expenses, maternity care and delivery costs, life and disability insurance and bed rest coverage. You won’t find a more comprehensive pricing program anywhere else.

Our process is proven to maximize success in building your family. We have a 97% first-time match rate, a 92% embryo transfer rate and a 82% take home baby rate, which is not specific to using donor eggs. Simply put, the All-In Pricing Program Guarantee speaks to our confidence in successfully guiding you through every step of your surrogacy journey.

Why is Matching Guaranteed in All-In Pricing?

Matching is not only important to our All-In Pricing program, our Matching Matters process is also one of the cornerstones of our track record of success. We know that finding the right match is of utmost importance to your successful surrogacy journey. It only makes sense to prioritize matching in our pricing structure as much as we do in our holistic process.

We flex our professional muscle to select the best GC candidates. Our proprietary matching process also includes a thorough review so that you feel confident you have the perfect match – typically within just 2 to 3 months. If you find yourself in the less than 3% of our clientele who consider a rematch, for any reason, we will work tirelessly to find the perfect match until we succeed. Guaranteed.

What Insurance does All-In Pricing include?

We are unaware of any other agency in the industry with an insurance package more comprehensive than our All-In Pricing.

Some of the extensive services included with this one-time fee are:

  •   Maternity Coverage insurance policy
  • GC life insurance
  • Disability
  • Bed rest coverage
  • Payment of monthly premiums
  • Payments of in-network costs related to policies

In addition to unrivaled coverage, the other “insurance” we offer all our Intended Parents, and surrogates, is our commitment to supporting you through every aspect of your surrogacy process. We provide efficient, concierge-level service from the beginning; our one-time All-In fee includes the security, confidence and ease our reputation has been built upon. Licensed in-house mental health support, an in-house legal team and a dedicated Match Manager will help guide you through every step and facilitate any sensitive conversations with your surrogate. We go above and beyond by providing our own brand of insurance throughout your journey. Our All-In Pricing Program now limits the financial variables – and that security in an unpredictable process is priceless.

How do I finance my surrogacy?

There are many ways that intended parents choose to finance their family building process. While it can be expensive, there are surrogacy loans, surrogacy grants, and even an increasing variety of online fundraising platforms to help you finance your journey. The most important part is that you determine a strategy that works for you, your budget and your lifestyle.

Our All-In Pricing guarantee can help alleviate many of the variables that often come with financing surrogacy. Even with a fantastic plan in place, unexpected medical screenings, bed rest and miscellaneous expenses can add up quickly. ConceiveAbilities partners with established leaders in the patient financing market in order to maximize access to care and client service. Our All-In Pricing guarantees that your one-time fee covers financial roadblocks so that you can focus on the ultimate goal – building your family. See the specific pricing and details here.

ConceiveAbilities is honored to be part of such a life-changing experience and to provide you with the highest level of service and security as you embark on the path to parenthood. We are the only agency to offer a comprehensive All-In Pricing Program including a 100% guarantee that we will identify a surrogate who matches your needs perfectly while also including extensive insurance coverage and a wide range of benefits. All-In Pricing offers the peace of mind that there will be limited financial variables throughout the process, and a dedicated team to support you every step of the way. If you’re in and ready to take the next step, contact us today!

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