Chicago Egg Donor Compensation

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Chicago Egg Donor Compensation
ConceiveAbilities values and greatly appreciates the time and sacrifice donors put in to helping those who would not otherwise have the ability to conceive a child conventionally. For their life-changing contributions, we offer the highest compensation possible to egg donors in Chicago. We follow the industry standard for egg donation compensation based on the guidelines set by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) with a maximum cap of $10,000 for the time and effort of the cycle. ASRM explicitly states, “Although there is no consensus on the precise payment that oocyte donors should receive, at this time sums of $5,000 or more require justification and sums above $10,000 go beyond what is appropriate.”

Besides offering maximum compensation and pay to Chicago egg donors, ConceiveAbilities also offers a number of other egg donor benefits, including:

  • Medical reimbursement
  • Travel reimbursement (including accommodations)
  • Egg donor insurance
  • Attorney fee reimbursement
  • A personal case manager

Since we understand the challenges of egg donation, an egg donor who travels for the process will be asked to bring a companion during the egg retrieval trip to provide support. The companion’s travel expenses will also be reimbursed. Egg donors are asked to clear any additional reimbursement requests with their case manager in advance and keep all original receipts.

For most donors, egg donation is an altruistic act. The gift as an egg donor is priceless, but we want to ensure that egg donors in Chicago are generously compensated for their time and effort. As a dynamic, intelligent young woman, becoming an egg donor in Chicago can open up countless opportunities:

  • Continue education and pursue a dream career
  • Travel the world and experience other cultures
  • Establish a business venture
  • Put a down payment on a first home

To prospective parents: By offering the highest compensation possible, our agency is able to attract the best egg donors in Chicago, Illinois and other areas of the country. You can rest assured compensation will be fair and appropriate.

For more information on egg donor compensation, contact ConceiveAbilities.