Gift Ideas for Intended Parents and Surrogates

September 13th, 2017
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Whether an intended parent or a gestational carrier, we repeatedly hear from our clients that they’d like to offer one another a symbol of hope and gratitude for the journey they’ve chosen to undertake together. Sometimes these mementos are shared at transfer day, during pregnancy, or after the birth, and can range from homemade items, to gift baskets and personalized gifts tailored to the recipient.

Here are some ideas we’ve gathered over the years, of gifts for intended parents, and gifts for surrogates; we hope they provide some inspiration!

Jewelry Ideas

If jewelry is meaningful to either of you, we love the simplicity of this Kate Spade “heart of gold” bangle bracelet. You can also personalize your sentiments with a Giving Key necklace, bracelet, or earrings, or choose an array of jewelry with charms specific to fertility (pineapples, anyone?) and embracing the journey from vendors like Alex and Ani or Luca and Danni.

Sentimental Ideas

If sentimentality is more your style, may we suggest a combined surrogacy pregnancy journal and binder as a way for you each to contribute to the pregnancy and birth story? A small figurine can serve as a daily reminder as to why you’re pursuing this process together, and a keychain etched with the sound waves from your baby’s heartbeat can help the miles between you fade. There is also a variety of wall hangings that can be customized to represent where the surrogate lives, where the transfer occurred, and where the IPs live. Some say a book can be the best gift. Take a look through our list of surrogacy books, you may just find some fantastic reads and timeless mementos of the surrogacy journey.

Homemade Ideas

We’ve also seen some incredible homemade items, whether thoughtfully customized onesies for the new addition(s), or gorgeously cozy quilts and knitted items. Sometime IPs create a post-transfer or post-birth gift basket for their surrogate full of their favorite snacks, books, and movies, while some surrogates have created a “Welcome to Parenthood” basket with items the IPs and baby won’t be able to live without. And don’t think that you need to spend a great deal to make an impact- we often hear that some of the most meaningful exchanges within a match have been heartfelt, handwritten letters, or a sweet, framed photo.

You know your match best, and we encourage you to get creative in your gift-giving or reach out to your Match Manager for ideas. Happy giving!

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