How To Eat For Pregnancy 101

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Kendra Aronson, of Pregnant and Hungry, talks about healthy eating during pregnancy

What to Eat (and Not To Eat) During Your Surrogacy Journey with Pregnant and Hungry

Whether you are just thinking about becoming a surrogate, pregnant, or in your fourth trimester recovery, eating right for pregnancy is paramount. Our All In Surrogate Care & Compensation Package includes partum care from the beginning all the way through your fourth trimester, including information on how you fuel your body.

Nutrition is just as important for you, as it is for the baby you are carrying. And, Kendra Aronson, founder of the newly launched Pregnant and Hungry, has guidance for you. Through her subscription-based website with pregnancy-safe recipes, she created a one-stop resource for everything you need to know about what to eat, and what not to eat, during your surrogacy journey.

Read on to learn more about Kendra and her advice - and listen to the full All Things Conceivable: A Surrogacy Podcast with Nazca Fontes!

The Pregnant and Hungry Pregnancy 101 guide is a resource with all the nutrient-rich foods to benefit both you and the baby you're carrying. This includes a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts, meat, seafood, legumes, herbs, seeds, dairy, and grains, and combines all of that together in a very wholesome, holistic way.

The site breaks your pregnancy nutrition plan into three main buckets: foods to eat, foods to avoid and prenatal vitamins. It also provides nuggets of information on what vitamins you need for pregnancy and why, and how to get them from natural, nutrient rich foods. For instance: what does calcium bring to the table? Calcium is responsible for healthy bone mineralization, muscle contractility and hormone functioning. When you're pregnant, calcium requirements increase to support the formation of a new skeleton and the physiological functioning of that little body. It also brings additional benefits to the table. If you're sufficient in calcium, you have more stable blood pressure, which decreases the risk of pregnancy induced hypertension and preterm birth.

Not only do you get the 411 on great ingredients, Pregnant and Hungry shares searchable recipes for everything from how to encourage lactation to boosting energy to labor-inducing meals. Recipes are organized by pregnancy specific ailments like morning sickness, constipation, heartburn, gestational diabetes, gestational hypertension, or hydration. You can filter by dietary restrictions including dairy-free, gluten-free or vegetarian or cravings like sweet or salty. There is even a filter for freezer-friendly recipes for post delivery recovery during your fourth trimester.

Pregnancy Tips: Think of eating well in 72 hour chunks. So instead of beating yourself up about how you ate in one 24-hour period, think of it in 72-hour periods. Give yourself grace and three days to hit all of the important categories. Consider the mantra of everything in moderation, including moderation. Most importantly, eat a well balanced diet where you can pronounce all the ingredients; no mystery preservatives or added things that should not be in food.

Pregnant and Hungry has many resources for intended parents and surrogates to create a healthy eating plan for their surrogacy journey together. Download all of the free content to help with planning.

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