Meet ConceiveAbilities’ Kristin Welch

Meet ConceiveAbilities' Kristin Welch

Kristin Welch is ConceiveAbilities’ Acceptance Team Manager. She and her team screen and vet all of the surrogate applications received by ConceiveAbilities. Kristin is an efficiency enthusiast- her knack for streamlining processes has helped mold ConceiveAbilities’ Acceptance Team into the well-oiled machine. As a registered nurse and as well as a surrogate herself, Kristin brings a dual perspective to her work.

We recently spoke with Kristin about how the ConceiveAbilities’ Acceptance Team takes the time to consider the motivations of each applicant whilst reviewing their application.

Honoring Each Applicant’s Vision

“Members of my team and I have been in the shoes of these applicants before, so we understand that each woman has a vision in mind for her journey. In fact, most applicants have experienced something very specific that inspired their interest in becoming a surrogate and we aim to honor their inspiration,” states Kristin.

Kristin mentions that her team often hears from applicants who specifically include on their application that they want to work with same-sex parents as a means of showing their support for the LGBT community.

Other applicants specifically request to carry for a heterosexual couple struggling with infertility. Kristin adds that in such circumstances, “Many times an applicant has had an aunt or a friend whom they loved who struggled to build their family and these applicants want to become a surrogate in honor of their loved one.

“Our Acceptance team, as well as our Matching Matters Team, work hard to assure that each applicant’s inspiration for wanting to become a surrogate is honored.”

Kristin acknowledges that occasionally an applicant’s specific vision, or more often some set of strict criteria, will make her a challenging person to match. There have been a few rare occurrences when the applicant’s vision was not compatible with the vision of ConceiveAbilities’ Intended Parents. In these cases, Kristin suggested that the applicant consider applying to a different reputable agency.

Along the same lines, Kristin shares that she has encouraged applicants who would likely make wonderful surrogates, but fall just outside of the ConceiveAbilities’ exceptionally high standards. “I believe in surrogacy in general and if a woman hears the calling to help another family but we are unable to work with her, for whatever reason, I am still cheering for her and hope she has the fulfilling experience I had.”

Learning More About the ConceiveAbilities Team

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