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Since you first started trying to conceive, how many hours do you suppose you’ve spent researching? The answer is probably countless, and as you’ve learned more about conditions and treatments, you’ve inevitably come across a number of IVF blogs. The internet is full of them – outlining tips, IVF success stories as well as failed IVF stories – and it’s a vivid reminder that one in eight couples is dealing with infertility. As it turns out, infertility blogs not only serve to educate. They can be a surprising source of support and solidarity too.

IVF blogs

Whether they are written by fertility clinics, agencies, health organizations or parenting resources, IVF blogs address everything from medical procedures to criteria for egg donors. Be sure you’re visiting reputable sources to learn more about what to expect before you’re expecting. Here are a few helpful places to start:

All Things Conceivable: ConceiveAbilities’ in-house blog is dedicated to sharing personal journeys alongside knowledge and expert opinions from the dedicated team at our egg donation and surrogacy agency.

Creating a Family: The national infertility and adoption education organization provides support and unbiased information to help build and strengthen families.

Fertility Authority: A comprehensive, interactive online network addressing both female and male infertility. It’s more than just a blog; the site also includes fertility news, forums, and a podcast.

FertilitySmarts: This self-proclaimed “fertility encyclopedia” is all about breaking down tough topics into digestible bits of information. Topics cover a wide range of fertility information, from infertility acronyms and abbreviations to coping with loss.

Opionato: Aiming to educate, entertain and empower, the blog offers unbiased and evidence-based information about fertility risk factors, new treatments, fertility improvement tips and more.

Surrogate and infertility blogs

Many real-life intended parents have become self-publishers while trying to conceive. Connecting to others with similar experiences can bring peace and motivation to continue on their journey. Both IVF success stories and failed IVF stories offer the chance for solidarity. The opportunity to follow along with someone as they debate an IUI versus IVF, choose an egg donor, or complete their surrogacy contract is both a privilege and a learning opportunity.

Another resource you might not have considered? Surrogate blogs. What better way to get a glimpse into the mindset of a woman who is willing to carry a baby for someone else? If you’re building your family with the help of a gestational carrier, reading about the experience from a first-person perspective may help you understand her motivation on an even deeper level.

A number of ConceiveAbilities’ standout surrogates have documented their journey in a blog:

Growing a Miracle: Kristen completed a surrogate match last fall and documented her story.

I’m Just Their Oven: Surrogate Erin shares her experience complete with plenty of photos.

Stories from the Stork: Stacy started her blog to “chronicle the process and shine a light on what gestational surrogacy entails.”

Happie Amie: Two-time gestational carrier Amie uses a vlog to document the details of her second surrogacy journey!

IVF Success Stories

If you’ve found infertility blogs to be helpful, why not start one of your own? It’s easier than you might think, and it can be incredibly therapeutic to put your feelings and experiences into words. The beauty of a blog is that you get to decide when – and if – to hit “publish.” You can put those thoughts and feelings onto the screen and if you decide you don’t want to share, you don’t have to. You still reap the benefits of getting it out. And those experiences you do choose to share will go a long way in providing hope to someone else. While everyone wants to read IVF success stories, there is a different kind of profound value in sharing the process.

If you’re ready to learn more about finding success with an egg donor or gestational carrier, our team of experts is here to answer your questions!