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Choosing surrogacy to build your family requires a great deal of support. From the early research-gathering phase to matching with the ideal gestational carrier to understanding the laws and costs, it’s important to know your options and align yourself with the best possible team.

One of the biggest concerns about surrogacy, understandably, is the cost. With the right research, planning and resources, a daunting and expensive process can become manageable and relatively straightforward too!

The Best Methods to Pay for IVF

First, look at what you already have. Review your health insurance policy to find out what is covered now, as well as coverage down the road for pregnancy and maternity or future IVF cycles.

15 states, including Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Rhode Island, Texas and West Virginia mandate some level of fertility coverage. If you are doing IVF on your own or with a surrogate, it’s important to know what the coverage is in your state and within your individual plan.

For example, be sure that you and/or your surrogate are going to in-network labs if that is a specific requirement of your coverage. Is medication covered? How many cycles do you have? You can discuss options with your clinic to help ensure that you are working within any specified boundaries.

When working with a surrogate, some of the cost is paid toward maternity health insurance coverage. In the U.S., the lowest risk may be to purchase a stand-alone policy, the cost of which can range anywhere between $25,000-$41,000.

IVF Loans and Financing

Intended parents often turn to IVF loans through a bank or even personal resources. You may be able to obtain a loan or financing plan to help with the burden of costs, but remember to ask plenty of questions about requirements, penalties, and always read the fine print.

Service members often have financing options as well. There may be IVF loans for military personnel and their spouses. Basic fertility workups, IUIs and IVF procedures are generally covered. Discount programs are available through some fertility clinics, and some military facilities even offer IVF treatment on site.

You can also find IVF loan calculators online to give a general idea of costs, but individual fees will vary. Teaming up with an agency for guidance when it comes to your payment and financing options is a wise choice – having that support helps immensely and could actually end up saving you a significant amount of time and money.

Building A Family

While it’s important to research your options so that you can make the wisest decision possible for your situation, it’s also important to keep your eye on the ultimate goal: building your family. In an arrangement as delicate and time-sensitive as surrogacy, the focus should ultimately not be on the cost but the value: the value of the individual parts are what make the whole process a success.

If you’d like to learn more about how the ConceiveAbilities team can support you in your surrogacy journey, please contact us!