Surrogacy Health Insurance: What You Need to Know

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Insurance coverage as a surrogate: What you need to know

ConceiveAbilities - Surrogacy Health Insurance: What You Need to Know

Surrogacy can be complicated with many moving parts, insurance being a key part. As your full service surrogacy agency, it is our job to guide and protect you through every step of the process.

Our All-In Surrogate Care and Compensation Package offers the most comprehensive care and protection available to surrogates. With our Life Simplicity Promise, you have a dedicated insurance expert who will ensure you are completely protected.

Insurance With ConceiveAbilities, You. Are. Covered.

  • Insurance coverage to ensure no out-of-pocket expenses, fast resolution of any potential disputes, and peace-of-mind for you and your family

  • A dedicated Insurance Specialist handles every aspect of your coverage. With a quick response and fast resolution, our team of specialists help you focus on your journey with peace of mind

  • Life insurance policy at no cost to you to provide added security for you and your family

Start your surrogacy journey today knowing you have the most comprehensive surrogate package available.

Meet Our Insurance Expert

Ashleigh Waring

As an Insurance and Claims Associate, Ashleigh works closely with surrogates and third party insurance professionals to oversee medical billing and other vital financial activities. Ashleigh came to ConceiveAbilities with over 11 years experience in the Regulatory and Operations area at Kaiser Permanente. She holds a Bachelors of Science in Business with a specialization in Health Care Management. Ashleigh has blessed four families with five children as a gestational carrier so she knows personally and professionally how to navigate the intricacies of medical billing for a surrogacy journey.

Surrogate Insurance Requirements

It is a requirement of our program that you maintain health insurance for yourself throughout your entire journey. From screening to delivery through to your fourth trimester, you need to ensure you are taking care of yourself and your health remains a priority.

It is one of your surrogate rights to have adequate insurance that covers your surrogate pregnancy at no cost to you. While you are under the care of your intended parents’ fertility clinic for medical clearance, preparation for embryo transfer, monitoring and the embryo transfer itself, the costs for these services are paid for by your intended parents directly to the clinic. You will not use your own health insurance for any medical appointments associated with the fertility clinic. We also ensure that your maternity care is fully covered, once you become pregnant.

Expert Review of Your Health Insurance for Obstetrical Care

After you are medically cleared by the fertility clinic, ConceiveAbilities provides a review of your own health insurance to determine if it can be utilized for a surrogate pregnancy.
If your insurance can be used, a secondary policy will be purchased. This policy will be activated if, for any reason, your own health insurance does not fully cover your maternity care as a surrogate.
If your insurance cannot be used for surrogate maternity care, a maternity plan will be purchased for you. This plan will cover services for your maternity care as a surrogate; it cannot be used as your own health insurance policy. You must maintain your own health insurance for your health needs that are not related to the surrogate pregnancy.

Once you are confirmed pregnant by one or more ultrasound tests, you will be released to your obstetrician for maternity care and this is when your health insurance, and/or the additional insurance purchased for you, will cover your medical expenses. Our insurance specialist will instruct you which insurance you will use at each stage of your pregnancy and explain how to submit all of your bills for proper coverage.

Other Insurance Matters

At the start of your surrogacy journey, at least two other insurance policies are purchased for the protection of you and your family. A complications policy is secured to cover you during your medication cycle prior to your embryo transfer. Also an accidental death policy is purchased to protect you and your family during the process.

If there are any changes to your job, insurance, or medical providers, you must update ConceiveAbilities as soon as possible. If your insurance coverage is interrupted or discontinued, our team will work with you to ensure you have coverage in place for the remainder of your surrogacy journey. Together we can ensure that your surrogacy pregnancy is fully covered by insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be using my own health insurance for any medical expenses during this process?
During the screening process, our team will review your current health insurance plan for maternity coverage while acting as a gestational carrier. Depending on the plan, we will determine if your health insurance can be used for related medical expenses. In some cases, we will also call your insurance company directly to confirm coverage. Once we have that information, our insurance team will decide the best course of action regarding your maternity insurance coverage. Any costs associated with your surrogate pregnancy will be covered by the intended parents.

My health insurance cannot be used for my maternity claims. Now what?
Our insurance team will work with you to purchase a dedicated maternity insurance plan for you to use once you are confirmed pregnant.

When can I start using my health insurance? I have my medical work up scheduled and would like to save my Intended Parents some money on this examination by using my health insurance.
Once you are officially released to your OB for your pregnancy care, you will receive an email from your Insurance Specialist with the next steps. At that point, you will begin to use the insurance plan that was approved during the screening process.

What happens if I am using my health insurance and the insurance company denies my maternity claims?
If you receive a notification that your insurance is denying maternity claims, please reach out to your Insurance and Claims Management Team. We will provide an alternative plan to take care of all medical expenses during your surrogacy journey and work with your current health insurance to ensure all maternity claims are paid.

Will I be responsible for making any payment directly to providers and will I be reimbursed for any medical expense?
You will have a dedicated Claims Management team that will make payments directly to your providers. In the event you are asked to pay a medical bill upfront, please keep all receipts and we will reimburse you for out of pocket expenses that relate to your maternity care.

Can I use my current OB provider or do I need to find a new OB provider?
Absolutely! We encourage you to use the providers you are most comfortable with for your maternity care. If necessary, we will work with you to confirm they are in network with your insurance. If a change in providers is necessary your Match Experience team will work with you to find new providers that you are comfortable with and will work with your current insurance.

I’m in the military. Does TRICARE insurance cover surrogate pregnancies?
While TRICARE for surrogacy healthcare is a limited benefit, as experts in working with military families, ConceiveAbilities knows how to ensure you are fully covered to receive the very best medical care from the very best experts throughout your surrogacy journey. A ConceiveAbilities surrogate will have additional insurance to cover all expenses of the surrogacy journey and considering every contingency scenario. Learn more about surrogacy and the military community.

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