The Pros and Cons of Surrogacy For Intended Parents

Be a surrogate

Surrogacy can be one of the best feelings in the world, but it’s not always an easy decision. It requires research, familial support, and personal sacrifice. That is why it is important for many parents to evaluate the pros and cons of surrogacy before finalizing their decision to build their family in this manner.

To simplify the process, we’ve provided some common benefits and concerns that parents have shared their experiences:

The Pros of Surrogacy

Surrogacy gives new hope to parents

Surrogacy is not just a way to start a family. For many people, it’s the only way. According to a CDC survey of married women, approximately 1.5 million women in the United States are infertile. This could be due to a number of reasons, including one’s age or a previous medical condition. These women deserve to be mothers just like anyone else. Surrogacy offers these parents the possibility of starting a family.

Surrogacy allows a genetic link between the parents and child

Some believe that surrogacy is similar to adoption, where you simply ask another person to carry a baby until it is born. In reality, surrogacy offers parents the ability to raise a biologically related child. For example, same-sex couples are also challenged by the impossibility of conceiving. Surrogacy offers LGBT couples a way to raise their own genetic offspring with the additional assistance of an egg donor. This is an achievement of modern technology that previous generations were unable to experience.

Surrogacy has a high success rate

The technology for producing successful “surrobabies” has come a long way since its inception. Since the first surrogacy arrangement in 1986, tens of thousands of surrogates have successfully carried their surrobaby to term. This can be attributed to the great work of our diligent matching specialists and fertility doctors, and the constantly evolving IVF technology. Hear more about the success rate in our podcast with Dr. Brian Kaplan, "Understanding Surrogacy Success Rates."

Legal counsel ensures you’re protected

The legality of surrogacy around the world has been a source of contention for decades, but in many places we’re beginning to see legislation in favor of protecting both the parents and the surrogate. In the United States alone, we’ve seen several states adopt surrogacy friendly laws in the last 40 years.

Surrogacy creates friendships

Surrogates aren’t vessels, they’re people. At ConceiveAbilities, we’ve always believed that the match between the intended parent and the surrogate is essential to a successful surrogacy. Since the surrogate is carrying the most precious person in a parent’s life, the parents need to be assured that the baby will be well cared for. This requires a deep level of trust. Throughout the course of our work, we’ve seen deep friendships form between the surrogate and the intended parents. It is why we say “Matching Matters.”

The Cons of Surrogacy

Legal protections may vary

In many states and countries around the world, the legal status of surrogacy may vary. In some countries, such as the UK, Canada, Denmark, Australia, and New Zealand, only altruistic surrogacy is permitted. Bulgaria, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, and Spain ban all forms of surrogacy. In America, surrogacy is protected on the state level.

Surrogacy can require significant financial commitment

Surrogacy is not a decision one makes lightly. There are many moving parts, from the legal team and agency, to the fertility clinic and doctors, and more. Our All-In Program is a first in the marketplace, and possible only because of ConceiveAbilities’ long-standing track record for doing what we say we will do for the intended parents, surrogates, and professionals we have worked with for decades. We have assembled every key service you will need for your journey, anticipated the bumps and twists in the road ahead, and put together a fixed price comprehensive offering that gives you both peace of mind and financial security. Our case managers are ready to discuss ways to help prepare or finance your surrogacy journey.

Surrogacy requires a degree of trust

As an intended parent you must relinquish some of the control that usually comes with a traditional pregnancy, such as the feeling of being with your baby throughout gestation. The vast majority of surrogacy journeys are successful, so intended parents can feel confident in trusting their surrogate to successfully deliver a child.

Further Information

Even after reading this, you may still need more information before comfortably deciding. That’s okay, because we’re here for you. Surrogacy is a decision that requires time, research, and support. We’re dedicated to providing everything you need so you’re not left worrying.

If you’re still unclear on the details of gestational surrogacy, be sure to read our post, Everything You Need to Know About Gestational Surrogacy. It outlines the process, as well as some of the important terms to understand during the journey.

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