What Does a Match Manager Do?

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ConceiveAbilities - What does a Match Manager do?

You may have come across the term “Match Manager” on our website or in our communications. But what does this mean in the surrogacy industry?

In this post, we’ll define what a Match Manager is, what their responsibilities are, and what their interactions are like with you, whether you’re an intended parent, surrogate, or egg donor.

What is a Match Manager?

At ConceiveAbilities, a Match Manager (occasionally referred to as MM or Client Relationship Manager), is someone whose role is to facilitate the match between intended parents, their surrogate and/or egg donor.

What are the roles and responsibilities of a Match Manager?

The Match Manager facilitates all communication between the parties and handles any administrative duties. These duties may include:

Financial Matters - handling the various financial responsibilities related to the surrogacy arrangement.
Personal Matters - providing support for any emotional challenges or personal/family concerns.

In some cases, the Match Manager will go the extra mile by being available to speak with intended parents, surrogates, or donors after hours or over a weekend. If you are a surrogate, she may even travel hundreds of miles just to meet you and check on how you are doing.

The main goal of every Match Manager is to ensure a smooth process for each party along the journey.

What are the traits of a great Match Manager?

Match Managers are always warm and welcoming- ensuring you and your match are getting along well, and that you are both moving along the process smoothly.

Among the most important skills of a Match Manager is communication- without clear and efficient communication, it would be difficult to keep the process moving or ensure each party’s concerns are addressed.

Organization is equally important. When there are multiple appointments, parties involved, and legal and financial considerations, a great Match Manager can keep track of all these moving parts while making sure all parties are on the same page and promptly notified.

Finally, while accomplishing her duties, a Match Manager is able to remain professional and empathetic. She understands what the surrogate, parent, and donor are all experiencing, because in some cases she may have been in that situation herself. It is this level of professional conduct and work ethic that separates ConceiveAbilities from other agencies without the depth of experience or expertise.

More Information

A Match Manager plays a vital role. In many cases, a successful journey is a result of the organizational and communication skills of the Match Manager, as well as her ability to remember the human aspect of each journey. Each egg donation cycle or surrogacy journey requires a Match Manager who is willing to go above and beyond their assigned duties, ensuring the process moves along smoothly while keeping everyone happy and informed.

It’s not a particularly easy job, but our Match Managers are elite experts and professionals in Match management with several years of experience. Most of all, they embody the values of ConceiveAbilities, exhibiting excellence in all aspects of their work.

Want to become a Match Manager? Check our careers page to see if there are any open positions.

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