What Matching Matters Means for Parents and Surrogates

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Surrogacy arrangements are built upon important foundations and the most vital foundation is the relationship built between the gestational carrier and the intended parent. As Dr. Sheeva Talebian of CCRM New York shares, the agency leads that match making process.

So how does ConceiveAbilities do it? What are the secrets of our Matching Matters methodology? Read more to understand our methods and how our approach benefits both surrogates and intended parents alike.

What is Matching Matters?

Matching Matters is ConceiveAbilities’ proprietary matching process and system to make great matches between surrogates and the families they help. Our approach is designed to match surrogates and intended parents based on the relationship goals each party has for one another, along with the medical criteria of the intended parents' fertility center and legal considerations, and other criteria that each party views as important. We are objectively compassionate about the needs of surrogates and intended parents alike, which allows us to build trusting relationships between both parties.

What are the Benefits of Matching Matters?

Shortened Timeline

In surrogacy engagements with less experienced agencies or independently managed, the journey may take years and, due to the complexity of every surrogacy process, may simply never be able to start. With our Matching Matters, the engagement takes one to two years, because we know how to proactively move each party through the necessary milestones quickly and effectively in a way that forges a strong match. We place significant investment and expertise in understanding the interpersonal and psychological profiles of each individual. When we recommend a match, therefore, we have higher certainty that it will be the right one, which cuts down on wasted time and resources.

Rigorous Screening Process

Our screenings aren’t just a box to tick off, they’re a key stage in our process. Matching is first based on understanding the fundamental motivations and context behind the surrogacy arrangement. Who are the people involved? What is their background and their life experiences? What is life at home like? These questions are vital to getting to know each surrogate and each intended parent, so that matches will be compatible.

97% Match Success

With other agencies, the matching process can result in false “starts” and cause headaches for parents and surrogates alike from these miscues. Matching Matters results in a 97% match on the first presentation. Surrogates have an opportunity to view the profiles of prospective matches, as do intended parents. With your input and our know-how, we are make matches that move journeys forward.

Elite and Exclusive

At ConceiveAbilities, we like to say we’re “proudly picky.” Why? Because more important than the quantity of matches is the quality of those matches. We aim to only match parents with surrogates we would entrust ourselves, and vice versa. We have high standards because we know what's at stake: families. And what's more important than helping to build families?

Great Matches for Parents and Surrogates

So what does this all mean for you, our potential parent or surrogate? It means ConceiveAbilities has scrutinized every step and stage of the surrogacy process, innovated and tweaked it at every level, and tested it rigorously to ensure high-quality matches and experiences. Surrogacy matches are part science and part art, and we’re confident that no other agency has the same standards and success as ConceiveAbilities in making great matches. Talk to us today to learn about our track record.

And, are you a woman who was enjoyed a healthy and successful pregnancy? Do you have friends or family who have suffered from infertility or need assistance from someone else to build their family? Have you ever considered the role you could play in helping someone else build their family - as a surrogate? Learn more about the process of helping someone else's dream of building a family come true. We would love to talk with you.

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