What Matching Matters Means for Parents and Surrogates

What Matching Matters Means for Parents and Surrogates
Surrogacy arrangements are built upon important foundations, and perhaps the most vital is the compatibility between the gestational carrier and the intended parent. Successful pregnancies rely on a healthy relationship between all parties, as well as rigorous screenings to ensure we have an accurate understanding of each party’s personality.

So how does ConceiveAbilities do it? We’ve discussed our screening process and the surrogacy journey in the past, but what about our Matching Matters methodology?

In this post, we’ll explain what Matching Matters is, and the various benefits it can provide to our surrogates and parents.

What is Matching Matters?

Matching Matters is ConceiveAbilities’ proprietary matching technology. The process is designed to match the most appropriate surrogates and intended parents based on personality, legalities, reproductive choices, medical criteria, and other specifics the parties request.

What are the Benefits of Matching Matters?

Shortened Timeline

In the typical agency engagement, it takes about a total of 18-24 months from the sign-up to the delivery. With ConceiveAbilities and Matching Matters, the engagement is shortened to just 13-18 months. This is due to a combination of rigorous screenings and modern technology. Instead of waiting and worrying for months over who your match could be, our team of experts and our trademarked technology use a tested method to understand the intrapersonal and psychological profiles of each individual. Once we have a better understanding, we move towards matching. Our extensive screening helps cut down wasted time and resources.

Rigorous Screening Process

Our screenings aren’t just a box to tick off, they’re a key stage in our process. Matching is first based on understanding the fundamental motivations behind the arrangement. Who are the people involved? What is their background, their experience? What is their life at home like? These questions are vital to getting to know each surrogate and how they fit with their respective intended parents.

95% Match Success

With other agencies, matches can take forever, result in false “starts”, and otherwise cause headaches for parents and surrogates alike. Our technology and process was built by the same people who experienced these pains and decided to develop a more efficient way forward. Matching Matters results in a 95% match on the first match. This is thanks to the world’s first proprietary technology that involves both medical and psychological pre-screenings.

Elite and Exclusive

Other surrogacy agencies may boast of high numbers of surrogates, but at ConceiveAbilities, we like to say we’re “proudly picky.” Why? Because more important than the quantity of surrogates is the quality. We want to ensure that we only match parents with surrogates we would entrust ourselves. That’s why only 5% of our donor and surrogate applicants are accepted- we have high standards and only choose the best and brightest.

What Matching Matters Means for Parents and Surrogates

So what does this all mean for you, our potential parent or surrogate? It means ConceiveAbilities has scrutinized every step and stage of the surrogacy process, innovated and tweaked it at every level, and tested it rigorously to ensure high-quality matches and experiences. Surrogacy matches are part science and part art, and we’re confident that no other agency has the same standards and expectations as ConceiveAbilities.

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