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Become a gestational surrogate in New Jersey​

New Jersey Gestational Surrogates Welcome!

ConceiveAbilities is now accepting applications from ladies from the Newark, Jersey City, Paterson, Elizabeth, Edison as well as other areas in greater New Jersey. Please contact our Acceptance Team with any questions about the applicability of your location to become a surrogate mother.

Does the New Jersey Surrogacy Law Make Gestational Surrogacy Legal?​

Yes! 2018’s New Jersey Gestational Carrier Act allows legal protection for surrogacy arrangements with gestational carriers.

What Are the Requirements to Become a Surrogate Mother in New Jersey?​

  • You must be at least 21 years old
  • You must have given birth to at least one child
  • You must complete medical and psychological evaluations
  • You must retain an independent attorney (intended parents will cover this cost)

Why Become a Gestational Surrogate?​

Gestational surrogacy is a calling. You may feel inspired by your own luck with fertility, or you may be interested in becoming a surrogate due to someone in your own life struggling with infertility. Whatever your reasoning, we applaud your intent to provide such an incredible gift to another family and we appreciate the opportunity to tell you a bit about ConceiveAbilities’ process for a surrogate mother.

Why Become a ConceiveAbilities Surrogate?

Since our establishment in 1996, ConceiveAbilities has helped build thousands of families through egg donation and surrogacy. We have surrogates in nearly every state, intended parents all around the globe, and will develop a solid relationship with your fertility specialist in NJ to ensure a smooth process. We are “proudly picky” and only work with surrogates who satisfy not only ASRM’s requirements to become a surrogate mother, but also fulfill our own additional qualifications of stability, health, wellness, support, and motivation.

Matching Matters at ConceiveAbilities

Unlike other surrogacy agencies that match using a simple wait list method, ConceiveAbilities takes the matching process very seriously. Utilizing our proprietary matching methodology, ConceiveAbilities set our surrogates and intended parents up for success by pairing them based on preferences, personalities, values and expectations; we do all we can to ensure that the journey is not only successful but also pleasant.

Over twenty years of experience, thousands of satisfied clients, and strong community of repeat surrogates are the greatest testaments to our success.

We invite you to take the first steps to joining our elite surrogacy community by filling out an application today. If you are in the early phases of your research, we would like to encourage you to bookmark us and come back when you are ready. We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you on this incredible journey.

For more information about becoming a New Jerseyan gestational surrogate with ConceiveAbilities, please contact our Acceptance Team. We will be pleased to answer any questions you have.

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