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Egg Donation: Step-by-Step

“They have made this difficult journey much easier, and for that I am grateful.”– S.C.

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We provide unparalleled support and resources throughout the egg donor process.

Throughout the process, both you and your egg donor will be guided by our team of experienced professionals. As the main liaison between you, your donor, physician, nurse coordinator, attorney and other participating professionals, our Match Managers provide the unparalleled support and resources critical to success.

Consult Professionals
Reserve a Donor
Donor Work-up
The Donor Cycle
Post Egg Retrieval
  • STEP 1: Consulting the Professionals

    • Speak with your fertility center’s clinical psychologist or other mental health professional to discuss the emotional aspects of egg donation.
    • Connect with the nurse coordinator at your fertility center to gather information on the medical work-up you need to prepare for a donor cycle.
    • Contact your fertility center’s financial department and inquire about the medical costs associated with the cycle. (These are separate from fees associated with ConceiveAbilities.)

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  • STEP 2: Reserving a Donor

    • We welcome the opportunity to provide personal matching assistance – we want you to feel informed about candidates and confident in your decision.
    • Once a candidate is identified, complete the online process to reserve a donor. Donor reservations generate a time/date stamped email to our office and are strictly on a first-come, first-served basis. The reservation fee is due after donor availability is confirmed and no more than 3 business days from requesting the donor. Please note that once the reservation fee is paid, the donor may be held for a maximum of 5 additional business days.
    • After the reservation fee is paid and the match has been confirmed with all parties, we will send a match confirmation packet via email. All completed paperwork must be returned and program fees paid in full to our office within 2 business days of receiving the packet.

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  • STEP 3: Donor Work-up and Clearance

    • ConceiveAbilities will assist in arranging for the donor candidate to meet with the required professionals for further evaluation and screening as required by your physician.
    • Contact your egg donor nurse coordinator and physician regarding medical preparations and instructions.
    • Your physician’s office will notify us of the donor’s medical clearance. In turn, we will notify them once our office receives all executed legal documents. (This is required before any medication start dates are given.)

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  • STEP 4: The Donor Cycle

    • Your physician will determine all medical protocols.
    • Donor cycles generally last anywhere from 12 to 24 days.
    • During the cycle, your ConceiveAbilities Match Manager will be in contact with both you and your donor to offer encouragement, support, resources and to be a conduit for information.
    • Your physician will make decisions regarding successful stimulation, retrieval and transfer of embryos.

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  • STEP 5: Post Egg Retrieval

    • If fertilization takes place, one or more of the resulting embryos may be transferred approximately 3-5 days after retrieval. Any decisions regarding the disposition of embryos not immediately transferred will be the sole responsibility of Intended Parents in conjunction with their physician at the fertility center.

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“From the initial informative meeting with Alicia to the detailed correspondence with Jennifer, I have truly felt supported and well informed every step of the way. They are true and compassionate professionals and I am so fortunate to have been working with them throughout this process. They have made this difficult journey much easier, and for that I am grateful.”– S.C.

Egg Donor Process FAQs

How do you screen your eggs donors?

Donors initially meet with our intake team to be fully educated about the egg donation process and the commitment required. Only a small percentage of donors who apply to the program are chosen to go through the screening process. As an agency we require a recent PAP smear result on file and a gynecologist’s clearance letter if needed. Once matched, ConceiveAbilities performs a three-point background check before the donor meets with a mental health professional who conducts a psychological evaluation and administers standardized testing. The donor is then ready for medical screening at your fertility clinic. Learn more about our egg donor screening process.

How do you verify the egg donor’s information?

Egg donor information is mostly self-reported, with the exception of psychological and medical testing performed after being selected from the database. It is difficult to verify additional information; however, if something is of critical importance to the success of the match with Intended Parents, ConceiveAbilities can seek to verify additional details. During the psychological evaluation, donors are administered a standardized personality test to provide some information regarding their level of transparency, honesty and compliance with the process.

How do I view the egg donors on your database?

Our egg donor database can be accessed directly from the ConceiveAbilities website where you will register and provide some basic information. You will create your own password protected account and then be able to view our tailored roster of over 100 exceptional egg donors.

What are the advantages of a live egg donor cycle vs. using frozen eggs from an egg bank?

Using a live donor ensures that all of the eggs retrieved will be available to you (for additional attempts at pregnancy and for siblings), whereas you are limited to the number you purchase from an egg bank and will rarely have access to the same donor for a genetic sibling. Also, success rates are far better with a fresh cycle. Working with a live donor allows you to obtain additional information from her, if necessary, and enables you to customize your legal agreement for future protections.

Do you work with any intended parents and is there a screening process?

As an agency committed to the highest standards and most ethical practices in the industry, our foundation is rooted in one simple belief: everyone deserves a family. For almost two decades, we have helped thousands from all over the world achieve their family dreams. We are modern family advocates, dedicated to customizing a unique strategy for every client.

ConceiveAbilities provides the most expert, extensive and reassuring family-building process possible for everyone that is fully committed to the endeavor. We do require our clients to engage in a consult with a psychologist to discuss the emotional dynamic of third party-reproduction, and egg donation clients must also undergo a background check.

Why choose ConceiveAbilities over other egg donor agencies?

Since 1996, ConceiveAbilities has successfully guided thousands of families through the egg donation process. Our proven approach is the result of our expertise and proprietary methodology. Matching is our passion, and the crux of every successful engagement. ConceiveAbilities’ rigorous screening process for egg donor candidates has earned the respect of many of the nation’s leading fertility experts, and our individualized strategy for each client drives our 90% success rate.

There are many well-intentioned yet inexperienced egg donor agencies that claim to have the network necessary to manage donor egg engagements. Their inexperience and lack of resources can cost parents time, anxiety and financial resources, particularly when the professionals needed for the engagement are out-sourced. ConceiveAbilities has the balance of professionalism and emotional connection necessary to manage the complex process of egg donation, and our proprietary Matching MattersTM program saves our clients time and money.

Questions? Contact ConceiveAbilities.

If you have more questions about the egg donation process, our egg donor program or our agency in general, contact ConceiveAbilities.

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