Surrogate Spotlight: Meet ConceiveAbilities Surrogate Tisha Bean-Wilcox

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Tisha Bean-Wilcox shared why she become a surrogate


I'm Tisha and I live in the lovely state of Colorado with my husband and son, Hunter who is almost 11 years old. I'm a Licensed Professional Counselor and I was able to complete two life changing journeys for two amazing families where I delivered a singleton boy and a set of boy/girl twins.


I have known what surrogacy was even before starting my own family, however it truly became a dream of mine after my son was born. My sister-in-law was having difficulty becoming pregnant, which hurt me deeply. I knew in my heart that surrogacy was my next step to help another family. Before embarking on this journey, I had never met another woman who had been a surrogate. What I did know was that I had a wonderful pregnancy with my son and myself, plus my husband, were 100% all in for a surrogacy journey!


Maybe it was excitement, joy, or unknowns; but I didn't have many fears. I was most nervous about the hormones/medications, however when I am ready for something I jump in feet first, which is what I did with my first and second journey. I look at life as having purpose and meaning so any fears/anxieties about the journey were over-arched by the purpose I felt. Since my first journey was over 9 years ago, my friends and family had questions, since surrogacy wasn't as prevalent back then as it is now. However, everyone was very supportive of my decision to help others.

Tisha says she wanted to be a surrogate even before she had her own family.


Surrogacy became my passion and led me to begin working with ConceiveAbilities. I have been able to utilize my background as a licensed counselor and previous surrogacies to now help many other families/surrogates.

Inspired by Tisha? Calling All Surrogates

Are you a woman who enjoyed a healthy and successful pregnancy? Do you have friends or family who have suffered from infertility or need assistance from someone else to build their family? Have you ever considered the role you could play in helping someone else build their family - as a surrogate? Learn more about the process of helping someone else's dream of building a family come true. We would love to talk with you.

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