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Surrogate Mother Pay

There are many questions surrounding the surrogacy process as a whole, but specifically around the concept of surrogate compensation. One of the most common questions we receive is: How much do surrogates get paid? Our gestational carrier compensation package is one of the most generous in the field, with most first-time surrogate compensation packages ranging from $48,000-$55,000 and increasing according to individual circumstances. Factors which may impact surrogate mother compensation can include geographic location, the type of pregnancy, and prior surrogate mother experience. Experienced surrogates are highly encouraged to apply to receive additional compensation and can be eligible to receive up to $10,000 in additional pay.

While the overall surrogacy process remains the same, the average pay for a surrogate can vary depending on location. Surrogates in high-demand states are offered the most competitive compensation available. Most first-time surrogates living in high demand states will receive at least $55,000. High demand states are:

California, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Nevada, Oregon, Pennsylvania

A variety of factors qualify surrogate mothers for additional compensation. You may be wondering, how much do surrogates get paid for twins? In the event that a surrogate becomes pregnant with twins, she will receive an additional $8,000 in compensation. Also we recognize that the surrogate’s time and effort can often be greater before she is ever pregnant. Our surrogates receive at least $5,000 in pre-pregnancy payments at various milestones as part of their overall compensation.

Surrogate Mother Pay Breakdown

In order to help visualize what is included in a surrogate compensation package, we have provided the below chart that breaks down what is included in monthly installments and various additional benefits such as compensation for multiples and pumping breast milk.

Total Compensation Package Ranging from $48,000 to $65,000
Pre-pregnancy payments$5,000 and up*
Pregnancy monthly paymentsCompensation divided into 8 payments
Maternity clothesIncluded
Childcare during appointments/meetingsIncluded
Over-the-counter vitamins/supplementsIncluded
Additional Benefits
TwinsAdditional $8,000
*Additional embryo transfer(s)Surrogate will receive additional compensation for each embryo transfer.
Procedure paymentsIn the event that other procedures are necessary, surrogate will receive additional compensation.
Pumping breast milk$350 per week
Bed restIn the event that bed rest is ordered during pregnancy, the surrogate will be reimbursed for activities she cannot perform during that period of time.

A remarkable choice deserves recognition

More than anything, we know that we can compensate you, but never repay you for the gift you’ve chosen to give to intended parents. While we strive to be the highest paying surrogacy agency, the financial reward that comes along with surrogacy does not compare to the reward of helping build a family through your commitment, courage and generosity.

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