A Calling Unlike Any Other: Why Women Become Surrogates

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ConceieveAbilities - A Calling Unlike Any Other: Why Women Become Surrogates

A Calling Unlike Any Other

Surrogates are superheroes because of their selflessness and sacrifice, but like most superheroes, they're just ordinary people stepping up for a greater cause. Each woman is unique: we have had surrogates that are stay-at-home mothers, teachers, lawyers, 911 dispatchers, and even students. They are all united by their mutual desire to contribute to an experience greater than themselves.

There are a number of reasons to become a surrogate, but we'll break down the some of the main motivating factors for the surrogates we’ve accepted.

Reasons Women Become Surrogates

  1. Helping parents start/grow their family - Giving life and helping others is often at the top of every surrogate’s list. The ability to create life and aid a family in need fosters an indescribable feeling to those who choose surrogacy. It is a perspective and experience unique to women, and difficult to put into words or share with those who have not experienced it first hand.
  2. High Financial Compensation - It’s no secret that surrogates get paid a decent sum for their role. Surrogates at ConceiveAbilities are compensated anywhere between $44,00 to $62,000, depending on the type of pregnancy and the surrogate’s experience. Some may see compensation for pregnancy a questionable practice, but it is less about financial motivation and more about protection and fairness. The surrogate must undergo a rigorous screening phase and adhere to restrictions in diet and physical activity. The compensation is a means of fairly paying the surrogate for her time and effort.
  3. Empathy for those Struggling with Infertility - Infertility is more common than you think. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), roughly 10% of women in the United States (6.1 million) aged 15-44 have trouble getting or staying pregnant. There are a number of reasons for why a woman might be infertile, and surrogacy remains one of the safest alternatives to a genetically-related pregnancy. Our surrogates offer to carry a baby simply because they want to help others affected by infertility.
  4. The Experience of Being Pregnant - Pregnancy can be overwhelming, but for some, pregnancy is an enjoyable and unique experience. When some surrogates reach the end of their journey, they exhibit a nostalgia for their pregnancy, from the first kick, to the delivery. This is why we often get repeat surrogates- they usually want to relive that feeling of being a protector and carrier for an infant life.
  5. Be Part of the Discussion - Even in 2017, surrogacy has a mixed reputation. People continue to stigmatize it with misconceptions and outdated facts. Choosing to become a surrogate is a proactive way of getting your voice heard, becoming a part of the conversation, and breaking stereotypes behind what a surrogate is or what surrogacy is about. Many of our own surrogates have become advocates for surrogacy and women’s rights, whether it’s through the topics of fair compensation and coverage, or overall public acceptance.
  6. A Different Kind of Extended Family - A surrogate’s relationship with her intended parents and surrobaby is remarkably different from that of her own biological parents. Some surrogates prefer not to be bothered and go at it alone, while others want to get to know the parents on a more intimate level. We consider both types in the screening and matching phases.
  7. SurroSisterhood Community - Becoming a surrogate means joining a strong and tightknit community of former gestational carriers. Once you join, you’re always part of it. So what are the benefits of joining the community? You’ll be invited to surrogate parties, picnics, and gatherings. You’ll have a group of women who can help you out as you go through your journey, to ask questions about, to lean on in times of distress, and to celebrate with when that time comes. Here are a few examples of previous surrogacy events.

Signing Up to Become a Surrogate

No matter what your reason may be for wanting to be a surrogate, it never hurts to find out a little more information. At ConceiveAbilities, we only select the best, most elite surrogates for our program. We don’t just make sure they pass the requirements and background, we want to be absolutely sure that our surrogates are both physically and mentally healthy. They should also exhibit the more abstract qualities, the values that drive a surrogate: determined, courageous, and responsible.

Think you have what it takes to become a surrogate? Read our list of requirements here.

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