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Although it may not be the most pleasant thing to think about, it is true that pregnancy is not without risks. Indeed from early pregnancy until some weeks after delivery, pregnant women have an increased risk of mortality compared with women who are not pregnant. This is in part why most reputable surrogacy agencies require surrogates to obtain a life insurance policy.

At ConceiveAbilities, our surrogates are required to obtain a policy, within thirty days of their becoming pregnant. The policy must be for at least $250,000 (unless otherwise specified in the parties’ legal agreement). Surrogates are, of course, reimbursed for this expense.

When selecting a life insurance policy as a surrogate, it is wise to make certain you check your legal contract or SBP (Surrogate Benefit Package) for a limit amount. You definitely do not want to be stuck paying for any portion of the policy. Most ConceiveAbilities surrogates have a limit of around $650.

It is worth mention that some life insurance companies will require a physical or an in-person meeting. Make certain you ask about that if it is important to you.

We asked some of our Surrogates to share with us which life insurance company they selected. We hope you find their suggestions helpful.


1.) Ashley, ConceiveAbilities Surrogate

Conceiveabilities Surrogate - Ashley

I got a policy with Sagicor, 10-year term policy for $12.33 a month. I used They compare 50 companies at once.

2.) Michelle, ConceiveAbilities Surrogate

Conceiveabilities Surrogate - Michelle

I went with Gerber because it was the cheapest and I did not have to have a person come to house for a screening.

3.) Jenna, ConceiveAbilities Surrogate

Conceiveabilities Surrogate - Jenna

I picked NY Life, only because we had a friend who was an agent, but I got a 20 year, $250k policy for only $18 a month.

4.) Aimee, ConceiveAbilities Surrogate

Conceiveabilities- Aimee

I went through American Family because we have our car and homeowners insurance through them already.

Additional Resources

Still have questions about how life insurance policies work for surrogates? Send us a question and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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